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Middle School Combined Classes (6th-8th Grade)

Science Program


Science is dominant in the middle school years, with several distinct areas of study.


Kitchen Chemistry, the chemistry of cooking:  Experiential demonstrations of organic chemistry for middle school children. The Middle School child needs facts. In this block we will study three important kinds of organic compounds: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and oils. We will explore how these compounds are transformed during, cooking, baking, nutrition, and other transformational processes.  Emphasis will be placed on the qualities of the substances themselves, not the processes that produced them.  Each time a new organic compound is introduced, the students will be shown a test for that substance, then we will explore the qualities of that substance through demonstrations. Health and nutritional issues will be topics of conversation. Food production and industrial processes will also be discussed and hopefully a field trip will be possible.


Physics Block I: Mechanics Students will learn about the six simple machines; lever, pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, and screw.  Students will enjoy tackling the study of simple machines and observing for themselves how these devices redirect, transform, and multiply forces. Hands on demonstrations will be emphasized.  Students will be participants in the process of scientific inquiry rather than being mere observers. We will enjoy a two-day rhythm: The first day will be spent with all of the children enthusiastically participating in the experiments.  The second day will be spent comparing and contrasting the experiments - how did they differ and how were they the same?  We will analyze the experiments in detail and write our conclusions into our main lesson books along with illustrations.

Physics Block II: Hydraulics and Aeromechanics:  Students will study air pressure, water pressure, atmospheric pressure, Archimedes’ Principle, Pascal’s Principle, and the hydraulic press.  This block will go hand in hand with our meteorology block.  This physics block will end with a field trip to I Fly so the children can experience air pressure and aeromechanics firsthand.

Meteorology: Students will study air pressure, convection currents, severe weather, clouds, ocean currents, folklore, and the water cycle. This block will be taught with our hydraulics and aerodynamics physics block.

Anatomy:  Muscles and Bones Students learn about the structure of muscle and bones and how they work together to support their bodies.  

Field Trips

The class will plan several field trips that will include families throughout the year to compliment the main lesson classes.  In years past the Middle School class visited the Florida Caverns and studied Astronomy on an overnight camping trip at Goldhead State Park.  

Math Program

Our Middle School Math Program will help students build the strong math foundation important for future studies. Middle School Math is a time of coming together and going deeper.  Students will revisit  areas of past study to gain confidence and increase proficiency, as well as, explore new concepts in Algebra and Geometry.  With a focus on logic, problem solving and accuracy, the math program will incorporate the use of practical life situations, hands-on projects and art to enhance learning.

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