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Fifth Grade


The fifth-grader has grown more accustomed to being an individual; yet, like the third-grader, is about to leave another phase of childhood behind and cross the threshold into adolescence. The curriculum not only continues to build on and integrate established foundations but introduces new elements to prepare the child for the next step forward.  This grade has a focus on Ancient Civilizations and the school year usually ends with Greek Games/Pentathlon.  


For school year 2022-23 we plan to combine this class with 6th grade. Class teachers of combined classes have adjusted the traditional main lesson block schedule with thoughtful consideration to meet the ages within and the children within their class. 

Main Lesson Subjects 

  • Math: Decimals; fractions; metric system; introduction to geometry

  • Language Arts: Elements of grammar; spelling; punctuation; structure of paragraphs, compositions; Ancient Indian, Persian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek myths

  • Science: Botany

  • History & Social Studies: Ancient civilizations through Greek times, Pentathlon

  • Geography: American geography as related to vegetation, agriculture, culture and economics

  • Visual and Performing ArtsForm drawing and drama. Each class will be practicing and performing a class play or presentation tied to the curriculum which is shared with class families.


Special Subjects 

  • World Language: Continuing instruction in Spanish with further bookwork and grammar, cultural appreciation, poetry, and beginning reading.  

  • Handwork: Knitting using four needles, woodwork.

  • Visual & Performing Arts: Painting; clay modeling/sculpting; drawing.

  • Nature Immersion:  All-weather hikes and immersion in the forest & beach areas.

During the year, your child's teacher will plan field trips to enhance what's being taught in class. Advance notice will be given and we encourage parents to plan to attend whenever possible.


Depending on the needs of an individual child, and the homeschooling plan the family is following, more study may be needed at home to compliment the classes chosen at Spring River. Talk to your teacher or the Program Director for more information.  At Spring River, the parents are ultimately in charge of their children's education, and the school is here to supplement and support.

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