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Annual Giving Campaign


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt

We are dreamers with pioneering hearts, passionate about creating a transformative educational experience based on the “whole child approach” and connecting the community with the wonders of the natural world, while building collaborative partnerships to fulfill our mission. 

We believe all families deserve the freedom to educate their children in ways that best meet their own needs, and together, we have built an alternative learning model that approaches education  in a new and different way.  Our outdoor classrooms nestled between the forest and the sea, allow for the perfect blend of academic learning, and nature exploration all the while engaging  the head, heart and hands.

Through the years of building the foundation of this community, we have realized many of our dreams…

  • We have awarded yearly scholarships so our community could grow and our programming could be more accessible.  

  • We have taken our program 100% outside in local parks so our children can be fully immersed in the natural world every day.  

  • We have hired and trained teachers as partners in our Waldorf-inspired education

  • We have hosted community-wide parent enrichment events to support the adult educational journey.   

  • And we have grown…well beyond our wildest dreams!

We are proud of these achievements and eternally grateful to our community for supporting our vision.  


Yet, as dreamers, we will always be dreaming up new and creative ways to engage, connect and inspire. We dream of…

  • Land and a home that is truly our own

  • Increased scholarship funds for an even broader reach

  • Additional programming to serve our community, adults and children alike

  • Continuing opportunities for training, education and growth for our teachers

  • And the support of of our community, not only our local folks, but all of those amazing, like-minded individuals, organizations and business we have ”met” along the way in this wide open space.  

In this season of gratitude and giving, it is with full hearts that we thank you for your ongoing support and share the hope that we can count on your continued support now and in the future.  


Any donation, no matter how small, will be gratefully accepted.

We will keep dreaming, you can count on that!

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