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First Grade


First grade is a bridge between kindergarten and the grades. Students are now ready to work with the mind imaginatively in new, more focused, and explicit ways. The first-grade curriculum is designed to meet the children's particular developmental level. First graders learn and live through imagination, feeling, rhythm, and movement.  

The central theme of first grade is Fairytales from Around the World.  Through these fairy tales, the children are introduced to each letter of the alphabet.  

Main Lesson Subjects 

  • Math: Qualities of numbers; counting; imaginative introduction of the four operations in arithmetic

  • Language Arts:  Pictorial and phonetic introduction to letters (upper and lower case) and letter sounds; printing upper and lowercase letters; capitalization and punctuation introduced; poetry recitation; creating artistic renderings based on stories.  Form Drawing.

  • Natural Science: Nature stories; Nature walks in all seasons to forest and beach areas.

  • Living Science:  Scientific observations and experiments focusing on local plants, animals, and classroom surroundings.

  • History/Social Studies: Multicultural stories, class community building

  • Class Play: Each class will practice and perform a class play or presentation tied to the curriculum shared with class families.


Special Subjects 

  • World Language: Introduction to Spanish through songs, stories, rhymes, imitation, and gesture

  • Sculptural Arts: Beeswax modeling

  • Painting: Watercolor painting

  • Music: Singing in unison and introduction to instruments

  • Handwork: Introduction to knitting, 2 projects

  • Movement: Rhythm circle games, bean bags, jump rope, hand clapping

  • Nature Immersion:  All-weather hikes and immersion in the forest beach areas.

Depending on the needs of an individual child, and the homeschooling plan the family is following, more study may be needed at home to compliment the classes chosen at Spring River.  Talk to your teacher or the Program Director for more information.  At Spring River, the parents are ultimately in charge of their children's education, and the school is here to supplement and support.

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