Festivals & Celebrations

Waldorf School Festivals

Spring River is a community that celebrates the cycles of the year through a rich and diverse festival life. 


Festivals help to create the radiant school that Rudolf Steiner spoke of over 100 years ago. Throughout the year, Waldorf Schools celebrate festivals to connect us with the cycles of nature, establish a yearly rhythm for the children, and strengthen the school and greater community. Festivals help us to nourish our inner spirit through the sharing of stories, food, songs and activities linked to the seasons, all expressed with beauty and reverence.  Most of our festivals include fun activities for all ages, along with delicious potluck food.


In addition to the community-wide festivals listed here, teachers may celebrate other festivals in the classroom. We honor diverse cultures and religious traditions through music, circle songs, activities, and crafts.  As parents, we are nourished through the sharing of stories, food and song.


We, along with our children, feel the joy in the anticipation, the preparation, the celebration itself and the memories.  Festivals are an important part of the school life, and we urge all families to attend and take part if they can by volunteering. Please talk to your teacher or PTO Chair for volunteer opportunities.

Spring River Annual Festivals & Celebrations

  • Rose Ceremony: First Graders (First day of School)

  • Michaelmas Play (September)

  • Annual Martinmas Camping Weekend at Goldhead State Park (November) along with The Playgarden Alumni

  • El Dia del los Muertos (Day of the Dead) (November)

  • Stone Soup (November)

  • Winter Spiral (December)

  • Winter Market/Caroling (January)

  • Candlemas (February)

  • Tea-Time (in house show case for parents)

  • May Day (celebrated with The Playgarden in May)

  • Spring Campout/Olympics

  • Whitsun/Summer Solstice (June)