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Fourth Grade


Norse Mythology is the theme of fourth grade, along with local Native American myths and stories. The myths of the Norse gods, goddesses, and giants have a universality to them that embodies different personality characteristics found in the fourth grader, such as strength, temper, cleverness, mischief, wisdom, courage, and transformation.


Fourth graders are passing through the midst of the nine-year change. The fourth-grade curriculum addresses a child in possession of greater certainty and confidence. At this grade level, the child is more assured of his/her place in the world and can assert more individual needs and wants. The curriculum correspondingly evolves away from the unified approach of early childhood into teaching more specific subjects. The Main Lesson blocks are more varied in the fourth grade than in the earlier grades, reflecting both the children’s individuation and the intellectual breadth of which they are beginning to be capable. 


Depending on the needs of an individual child, and the homeschooling plan the family is following, more study may be needed at home to complement the classes chosen at Spring River if less than the 5-day schedule is chosen. Talk to your teacher or the program director for more information.


Main Lesson Subjects 

  • Math: Review four processes; advanced multiplication; long division; place value to millions, averaging; perimeter and area; factoring; estimating; rounding; times table mastery; word problems; mental math; introduction to fractions.

  • Language Arts: Review of third-grade grammar and mechanics; Parts of Speech: kinds of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; writing well-structured paragraphs; book reports; narratives; creative writing, letter writing; building fluency through regular reading practice; sight word recognition, high-frequency words; spelling and vocabulary development; Norse mythology.

  • Science: Introduction to Zooology and preliminary physiology

  • History: State and Local History

  • Geography: Local Geography & Map Making

  • Class Play: Each class will practice and perform a class play or presentation tied to the curriculum shared with class families.


Special Subjects

  • World Language: Continuing Spanish instruction through art projects and developing a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture and artists. Learning new Spanish vocabulary, language structure, and simple sentence patterns. Grammar is taught in the context of oral communication.

  • Handwork: Looms & Crochet

  • Sculptural Arts: Beeswax & Clay modeling

  • Painting: Painting and Drawing

  • Music: Singing, drumming, and introduction to instruments

  • Movement: Games featuring the individual within the group

  • Nature Immersion:  All-weather hikes and immersion in the forest beach areas.

During the year, your child's teacher will plan field trips to enhance what's being taught in class. Advance notice will be given and we encourage parents to plan to attend whenever possible.


At Spring River, the parents are ultimately in charge of their children's education, and the school is here to supplement and support.

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