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Spring River Enrichment Classes

Middle School (6th - 8th Grade)


For Middle Schoolers




In this class, students will establish a journaling practice and explore their inner thoughts, feelings, and identity, and begin to observe and notice similarities and differences in their lives and in the lives of others in their community and world. They will take what they are learning and put it into artistic expression as poetry, short story and personal essay. Students will learn 2-3 poetic forms, basic short story structure and a framework for personal essay. They will read the work of poets, short story writers, and essayists to ignite their creativity.




Kim Kelly

Cyber Civics is Middle Grades program designed to teach Cyber Citizenship- the safe, responsible, and respectful use of digital tools.  This developmentally appropriate material is social and behaviorally based and is designed to proactively build skills without inducing fear in children.   Spring River students will be presented with Level 1 (of a three level program) which includes topics such as understanding how technology connects and disconnects us from others, investigating today’s technology, digital citizenship (focusing on honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage), digital reputations, ethical thinking, cyber bullying/ digital drama, and privacy.  Cyber Civics focuses on empowering children with the premise that there’s no better way to teach kids about how to be safe online, than to teach them how to keep themselves safe. Parents are provided with weekly updates and can visit the resource to learn more.



For Middle Schoolers

Caitlin Flynn Baiata

Middle school Art is both an inner exploration of self and identity as well as a relation to the culture and community of the students.  We will explore fundamental drawing skills, printmaking,  color mixing,  and sculpture with an emphasis on art history.  

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