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Why Drama is important in your child's education

Drama and theater has always been an important component of Waldorf education. For the past three years, the Spring River parent community has organized and presented a Michaelmas Play, with the children of the greater community all taking part and parents assisting with costumes and props. At Spring River School, we offer drama as an enrichment course and encourage children of all grade levels to participate as an important part of their development.  


From early childhood on, and as an integral part of  The Playgarden curriculum, children use their creativity to become what they imagine themselves to be. Creative free play makes use of drama from the earliest years - as children become kings, queens, animals - in the magical course of their play. 


Drama in the Grades represents an opportunity to weave together the threads of what the students are experiencing academically, artistically and socially in a given year and provides a visible and “dramatic” revelation of the child’s maturation and developing self-awareness.  Most importantly for the children, drama helps to develop poise, confidence and grace, allowing the children to experience the wonder and power of speech in a unique way because it is spoken aloud and “by heart” and it is brought to life through the child’s own gestures, movement and facial expressions. Theatre provides, as well, a unique opportunity to try on various personas, allowing the performers to strengthen who they are and to understand who they are not. It affords a therapeutic venue for seeing foibles in ourselves as well as others, and allows us to safely explore what it might mean to transform those shortcomings into assets.


Spring River is very excited about our partnership with First Act Children's Theater, beginning in the Fall of 2018.  Please be sure to visit Aine’s page to learn more about her and her wonderful offerings.

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