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Whitsun: Celebrating our individual light

Why do we celebrate the Festival of Whitsun?

In the Christian tradition, the white dove is a symbolic image of the Holy Spirit, but it is not necessary to ascribe to a particular religion to appreciate the message of Whitsun or to join in celebration of Whitsun (also called Whitsunday or White Sunday.)

Some prefer to call the Holy Spirit by another name - the Spirit of Truth. We recognize that this truth is within us. So in celebrating Whitsun, we celebrate the individual light of each human being, our own uniqueness. Recognizing not only our own qualities as individuals but honoring this light in others is what allows us to join in community. When we join together, our combined lights shine even brighter, and we further our hopes for better understanding between us as individuals and community members.

Of course, as adults, we do not share these insights with our children, who are merely looking forward to dressing in white, eating delightful white cake, and making little doves to fly around the garden!

We will also join in verse and song.

We will sing "Rise Up O Flame, " a favorite of my daughter's. You can hear this song beautifully sung in round by the Community Chorus in Asheville if you click this link: Rise Up O Flame

Our Verse will be:

Spirit in rushing wind and air,

In sunlight, cloud and rainbow fair,

Spirit in flame and snow white flower,

Oh, come to us with mighty power.

--From Wynstones Summer

As for the rest of the festival, we will have a fun craft, and the kids will have plenty of time to play.

Please join us to celebrate Whitsun this Sunday at 10:00 AM. See our Facebook page for Festival Details. If you wish, bring your favorite fruit to accompany the white cake we will be offering.

The Spring River Committee

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