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Explorations in Jacksonville: Coming Fall 2018! 

A new arts-based program for adults wishing to explore the wide terrain of anthroposophical endeavors, including the foundational principles of Waldorf education

We invite you to join us for a first time offering brought to the Playgarden by the Center for Anthroposophy's Explorations program, formerly called Foundation Studies.  This course will begin October 19, 2018 and end March 20,  2019, and includes four weekend workshops  and one week-long workshop. Explorations meets the needs of many in our community - among those public, private or homeschool teachers and parents wishing to pursue Waldorf methods or certification, medical professionals interested in anthroposophical therapies, biodynamic farmers and beekeepers, organizational leaders seeking new ways to approach their work, and those who are seeking an inner path through spiritual development and study.  Join us this fall for a transformative experience!


Please see the flyer below for more information or go to the Center for Anthroposophy's website for details on registration. If you'd like to talk to one of the local program organizers, please email us at Explorations Jacksonville.

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