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Why Handwork is important in your child's education

“True education aims to serve the needs of the whole human being. Head, Heart and Hands are brought into a particular relationship with each other in the practice of handwork and crafts. In these lessons pupils have the opportunity to ‘tangibly grasp’ the world and give expression to their latent creativity.” *


Handwork and handcrafts are an important part of the twelve-year curriculum of a Rudolf Steiner school.  These activities act as a bridge between the child’s inner and outer world.  Handwork helps children master fine motor skills, improves memory, and works both sides of the brain.


Making things, using materials from nature, gives the child awareness and appreciation for the natural world. By creating useful objects, such as a pair of socks or a potholder, the child also makes a connection with how ordinary things are made which instills a sense of respect for those things in our environment. In Spring River’s Handwork classes, the students will learn knitting skills for which they are developmentally ready, beginning crocheting, and other fun fiber projects such as basket weaving and simple woodworking. The Spring River handwork classes will be separated by skill and grade level so that all children feel comfortable with the work they are doing.



*Quote from Kindling, the Journal of the Early Childhood Assn. (UK), issue #8, 2005
Edited transcript of a lecture given by Bernard Graves 

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