Spring River Enrichment Classes

1st - 6th Grade

STEM: Living Science

Organized into two Classes:

1st-2nd grade combined/3rd-5th grade combined

Michelle Carter and Jackie Stetson

How does math contribute to the building blocks of our Universe? In this Waldorf infused science classroom, our aim is to help children of all ages understand the intricacies of our world by examining how the laws of science influence us. Students will learn how to think like engineers to design their experiments. Each age group will conduct similar experiments; the younger students focusing on learning the scientific method and engaging in step by step practice. Older students awaken their curiosity by holding Socratic Inquiry regarding the How and Why behind forming hypothesis and analyzing the outcomes.


Organized into two Classes 

based on grade level and advancement

The children are immersed in games, songs, movements and storytelling in an inclusive and integrated manner. They follow physical and verbal cues to learn Spanish. They will also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and become
culturally sensitive to others.


Julia Hassler 

1-3 combined/4-6 combined

Handwork helps children master fine motor skills, improves memory and works both sides of the brain.  The children will learn knitting skills for which they are developmentally ready, and other fun fiber art projects.

Handwork is Important to your Child's Education


Organized into two Classes:

1st-3rd grade combined/4th-5th grade combined

Lindsay Strohecker

Movement activities turn children’s inner self and natural flow into coordinated, purposeful movement. As we move through this class using games (hand clapping, beanbag exercises, stretching, circle movement) we will focus on breath, balance and rhythm, warming our body up for learning or allowing a time to breathe out after a main lesson.  

Through play, this class will help in developing motor skills, improve balance and coordination and awareness of personal space all the while being in connection to community. 




Rhythm of the Class 

  • Group Connection and circle activity 

  • Breathe and Stretching/Yoga  

  • Main lesson/games 

  • Ending of class connection and song with movement


For 1-2 grade

Sierra Humphreys

In a Waldorf School, musical growth comes through experiences in listening, singing, playing, moving, creating, reading and performing music.  Spring River’s music enrichment class for first -third graders will introduce music to the young child, building upon the foundation of early childhood and main lesson to instill a love, joy and reverence for the art of music. 


In first - second grades enrichment class, our music teacher will introduce the recorder, and all the children will learn to play simple melodies together by the end of their second grade year.  This instrumental work is brought through stories and pictures rather than through theory and conscious technique. Musical concepts will be introduced through movement and games, rhythm and singing.  The music teacher will also introduce other instruments (played by the teacher), singing games and experiences of the elements of music; recognizing light and dark, high and low, fast and slow, soft and loud.

Drama is Important to your Child's Education

During Drama Enrichment students will have the opportunity to explore their dramatic side through the use of age-appropriate Theater Games, Music, Dance,  Improvisation and Storytelling.   As well as having lots of fun using their imaginations and creating characters and stories using costumes and props, students will learn more about emotions and will experience improved self-confidence in speaking aloud, improved communication skills, and develop teamwork and stage skills. From the shyest child to the most extrovert, there is something for everyone in this class.  


 After the first block, the parents and classmates will be invited to a “Parent fly-on-the-wall” night where the students will illustrate what they have been working on in class, and at the end of the second 16 week block the students will present a short play. The plays will be performed in a live theater with sets, lighting, costume, and props.   

PE Challenge

Kim Kelly

In this class, you can expect participants to get a fun workout while improving their strategies for communicating and working with others.  Students participate in physical challenges, games, and drills centered equally on improving fitness as they are on building social-emotional resiliency skills. 


During our weekly teamwork challenge, the group is given a physical task that requires planning, cooperation, communication, problem solving, flexibility, and emotional control to complete.  Following the task, they come back to together as a group to discuss what worked and what they could have done differently.  This includes a time of self-reflection as well as an opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback.


Effective speaking and listening skills are practiced each week during a partner interview segment in which students practice a strategy called “listening with your eyes, ears, and hearts.”   Additionally, students get moving and have fun during physical activities designed to enhance strength, coordination, and overall fitness.





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